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What Features Do Your Visitors Love

Designing a website isn’t a walk in the park! 

You need to adhere to a multitude of aspects so that your visitors can stay longer on your site and visit again. 

Well, this is something that everybody wants! 

You must know the features of a great website that may attract your visitors. Whether reading/browsing your content, viewing a product/service, and filling out forms, and whatnot, your target audience/visitors must feel good while going through your site. 

Let’s take a look at some of the important website features: 

  • Nearly 50% of the visitors expect that the website on which they are visiting must load in minimum time. 

  • Nearly 70% of visitors like the fact when websites have links to the brand’s social media profiles. 

  • The average attention of a reader is a minimum of 12- 15 seconds.  

  • Nearly 50% of online shoppers are likely to shop from one website if they find it quite useful. 

  • Nearly 70% of website visitors said that reviews are incredibly important and may impact the credibility of the website.  

So, that’s the power of a feature-enriched website! 

If you are looking to attract more and more visitors, make sure you incorporate the following features in your website.  We at bizibi have put attention to incorporating these into our ecommerce website, but if you wish to design your own website then we encourage you to consider the below.

So, without wasting time, let’s discuss the 6 top website features you cannot overlook. 

Here we go!! 

  1. Easy & Organized Navigation

Nobody likes to get lost in the clutter! Nobody likes to visit websites with navigation that is all disorganized and full of hassles. When individuals visit your website, it is extremely important that they are able to find the information that they are searching for, that too, in an easy manner. If your website fails to fulfill this demand, then the visitors will certainly opt for other available options. 

Therefore, always emphasize creating a website with organized and easy navigation because it is the ultimate instrument to enhance the user experience. Always make sure that the website's navigation is hassle-free. Pay special attention to the menu as well as layout structures because they both are the usual points of interaction. Therefore, make them attractive and easily accessible for the users. Provide language options and options to chat with or call customer support. Provide options for hassle-free login and many other basic kinds of stuff like the ‘About Us’ page. Remember, it is always well-thought navigation that attracts more and more customers towards your website and increases the traffic. 

  1. Easily Accessible Contact Information

The contact information is more important than you think. If your visitors like what they see on your website, they might want to contact you for further queries, purchasing, information, or filling forms. Mostly, visitors would like to know how to reach you or how to communicate with you. This gives us the reason why detailed contact information is mandatory for any website. 

You will be surprised to know that around 44% of users exit a business website when they didn’t find any contact information (according to Hubspot). Thus, it is extremely important to make your contact information section easily accessible and attractive for the users. Make it functional, good-looking, responsive, and write it seductively. It is recommended to put your contact information on the website’s header or footer so that users can easily read it even if they are browsing different pages. 

You can also include some extra details about your company as well as a contact form. Introducing a contact form with the contact information section will kill two birds with one stone: it will not only help you to improve the satisfaction of the customers and company but also help you to improve your services or products via suggestions, tips, recommendations, or reviews in the contact form. 

3. Stellar Images

In order to sell a product/service, you need images, right? However, the image should be of high-quality. Have you ever gone to an online store and saw a product with great descriptions but blurry photos of it? How did you feel? You probably had felt reluctant to buy that product. Correct ? 

Therefore, choose images that sell your product/service. As per, around 90% of the information absorbed by the people is only through visuals. With this, we can say that high-quality images can effectively attract more visitors to your website and will drive more conversions into sales. As with online stores people cannot touch or feel your products, it becomes extremely pivotal to upload photos that are clear, captivating, and detailed. Thus, hire a professional photographer, invest in high-performance photo editor applications, or get your images edited by a professional expert – do whatever is required to highlight the product. 

E-commerce sites such and reported a huge increase in sales by vendors that improved their images, that is why bizibi is developing tools to make it easier for its vendors to create high quality imaging.  We have a mobile app in development as well as an extensive engine with thousands of templates for our vendors to click and go.  These are essential for eCommerce in Trinidad.

4. Focus on Testimonials

According to an infographic by, testimonials are the highest effective content that you can put on your website in order to get a boost in sales. The clients’ testimonials are 89% better than any other type of marketing content in terms of increasing the conversion rates. 

Visitors are more likely to choose a brand that has already been tried, used, or tested by others. Clients’ testimonials serve as an important link to build trust among your users. It is recommended to include a few topmost reviews of your company on the homepage. This will build a sense of initial connection with the business and your users will be able to trust your company. If you wish you can also create a separate page for testimonials containing reviews from past customers. This makes your profile richer than before and helps you to boast a successful record with your clients. 

After your landing pages, creative content, beautiful designs, and easy-navigation features, testimonials give your visitors a final urge to buy your product or service. Therefore, never ever ignore its importance. 

This is way on bizibi, we have included product reviews, so that customers can review products and provide feedback, this builds social trust, in addition to that bizibi is backed by guarantee by Taurus to make sure that customers have a satisfactory shopping experience.

5. Easy Search

No matter whether your users are looking for a product, service, or any other information, make sure that they must find it with the utmost ease. Consider the fact that your customers will not browse every page of your website to search for the information or product/service that they are looking for. For such cases, make sure to include an easy search bar at the top of each website page.  Also, make sure that important and proper keywords as well as various filters are all set to bring out a more relevant search result. 

Around 30% of the website users prefer to use the search bar on a website, according to Moz. The easier it will be for the users to search your product, the easier it will convert into sales and the more will be the intent to visit your website again. 

On bizibi we allow you to search by vendor, a vendor also has a dedicated store where you can only find the products of that vendor, you can search by category and finally the most popular is search by keywords.

6. Think of a Content-Rich Blog

In addition to all the above-mentioned features, a content-rich blog can assist you in targeting a quality audience. Be it social content, or digital content, any type of marketing content requires top-notch quality, valuable information, and seductive language to attract the readers. Here are some of the benefits that you can have with a best-in-class blog:

  • With targeted keywords, you can get higher SEO rankings.

  • Assists in building the name of your brand.

  • With social media share buttons, your content can grab more visitors to your website.

  • Helps you in connecting with your visitors as well as readers. 

  • Helps you in turning your visitors into quality customers. 


When it comes to the website what you don’t see can be more important than what you do see, especially when you are looking at doing ecommerce.   It is all about the user experience.

While working on your website, one of your main objectives should be to include features that your visitors can count on. It will not only help you to increase your sales and revenue, but it will also assist you in building strong and trustful relationships with your customers. With a well-designed website, your visitors would not help but visit again and again! 

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