Unlimited Products

You can add as many products as you want at no extra charge.  The more you add the more we support you.  Our business is to grow your business.

FREE-  Branded Subdomain

Every merchant is given their own dedicated subdomain, so you can yourstore.bizibi.taurus.one  customize it with your logo, your colours, your content, policies, additional pages, images, videos.   It is like having your very own website, with full administration and content management and hosting done for you.


We are constantly tuning our SEO for the platform, vendors on our store will quickly find themselves increasing in the Google search rankings.  The more products you add, the more descriptive you are on the products, the more SEO we are able to do for you.

FREE - Facebook Integration

We have integrated into facebook, you can post directly from our platform to your facebook page.  So no need to add products on two different platforms, add it on our platform and choose to place it on your facebook page, give us authorisation and we will do the rest.  We will also create the back link so customers can click on it and it will redirect them straight to the shopping trolley and allow them to pay online.

We are working on Instagram, and should have that in place soon.

Wholesaler/Reselers - B2B

Are you a wholesaler, do you sell to other resellers.  Let us help you.  Load up your products to our platform and insert multiple prices for customers and resellers.   Customers will not see the reseller prices.   Furthermore, choose which prices are seen by which reseller, you can have an infinite number of prices for each product category and choose who sees which prices, we give you the ultimate flexibility.   Pricing can be based on absolute, a percentage discount, a fixed discount and by category, so different categories can have different discounts for a reseller and then you can group different resellers into different groups and give the different tier prices.

FREE - Digital Media

  • FREE - Logos - We can create you a logo, in case you don’t have one or would like to upgrade your existing one we can help you, FREE, conditions apply.

  • FREE - Flyers/posts - we will create FREE social media posts for you based on your business, your products and special events such as St Valentines, Easter, Eid, Diwali, Christmas, etc….

  • FREE - Videos/animation - our team is also available to do FREE videos and animations for you to share and promote your store.  Make your business look professional.  This is great for facebook and IG stories.

Vendor Product App

We are currently alpha testing our product app, that takes all the work out of uploading products, get out your phone and snap away, we will upload them on to your platform and if you want we can also upload them to your facebook.  We are building in the technology to make your products look professional and high quality, no need to hire and pay for a separate graphics artist.   

You can decide which product you want to put on facebook, in the future we will also allow you to schedule the posts, so you can upload products on a daily basis.  No need to hire a full time social media manager.

Coming Soon ….

Customer App

We are working on our customer app, we believe in mobile first this will further traffic to our website and to your products.

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