Our B2C ecommerce platform is FREE and we intend to keep it FREE

What do I get for FREE ?

  • you get your own branded subdomain.   Our main domain is you can choose your own subdomain

  • Your products will be added to both your website and the main marketplace

  • Facebook integration

  • Marketing module

How do you make money ?

  • We charge 7% commission for any successful transaction.  

  • We have a competitive delivery charge.  Currently $30, but it will decrease

  • we provide additional paid services you may need in the the future

Is there a limit on products I can list ?

  • There is no limit, you can have thousands.  If you need more then the current limit just contact us

Can I use my own shipping provider ?

  • Yes you can use your own shipping company but we cannot accept the payment for you then.  If we accept the payment, then we need to ensure the product is delivered

Can I opt out of the payment ?

  • Yes you can, but then we cannot add you onto our marketplace, you also need to opt out of the marketplace

Are there any limitations on the FREE version ?

  • No, we provide all the features and functionality you will need. We release our new features to all our B2C customers

Can I use my own merchant account for payments ?

  • Yes but there is a cost. You will have to pay $5000TT as a one off integration FEE and $100TT per month for support and management. You can start with FREE and upgrade

Can I use my own domain name ?

  • yes.  you can contact us and we will give you the DNS records you need to insert in your nameserver 

  • However there is a monthly cost of $50/month for this

  • You can start with the FREE and then migrate to your personal domain

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