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SHARING  our resources and team with our retailers.

We have a team of both software developers and graphics artists.  Although we are busy working hard, we do have some downtime, during these periods we are more than happy to do work for our vendors.

Some of our vendors would have received the Happy New Year co branded graphics as well as the media kit for coming on board our platform.   We do this on a regular basis for special events/days for our vendors, preference is given to our eldest vendors, especially the Prime Vendors.

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If you don't have a logo or would like to upgrade your current one, then we will design one for you for FREE


Digital Posts

We will start to create co-branded digital artwork for you to share with your customers, followers and social media


Digital Videos

We will create co-branded slideshows and videos for you to share with your audience.


Once you have had more than 50 products on our site for more then 2 months you are eligible for  a FREE logo.   You will need to give us some brief information about yourself, the color scheme and a general idea of the type of logo you would like and we will create it for you.  Please note as this is a FREE service we may not be able to do too many revisions but we will try our best. To see some examples click here.

FREE Digital Posts

Once you reach our threshold for this award, we will create some digital posts for you, to share and promote your products and store.   This will both help you and us, we will be tracking the reach of these posts and traffic generated, there is no limit to the number of posts we will create, but we will basis it on how effective you are promoting and using the posts.  The more active you are the more we will support you. To see some examples click here.

FREE Digital Videos

We will create animation videos and slideshows for you, you must have high quality images for us to work with.  You can share these on social media and promote yourself.

Coming Soon.....

Vendor Product App

Based on feedback from our vendors, we are in the process of developing a vendor App for you.  This will allow you to post products to your store much more efficiently using your mobile phone camera, just point, click and go.

Remember you can also post directly to Facebook from our platform, so no need to upload twice, let us do everything for you and save you the time.

Customer Product App

We are also working on a customer app, as we believe in mobile first.  We will  keep you posted, there may be an opportunity for us to white label the app for some of our key vendors, such as those with large product inventory and/or Prime Vendor status.      

Keep checking this page for new tools and resources we make available for you.

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